Newest Online Craze called ‘Bubbling’ sees Teens Urinating in their own Mouth


And people say today’s youth are a bunch of idiots who just want to seem cool. 

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Family Accidentally Recycles VCR with $6,000 Stashed Inside!


Rookie mistake. (more…)

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Man who took ‘Poverty Vow’ wins $259.8M in Powerball Jackpot


For religious reasons, he promised to live the life of a poor man. What kind of deal is that?  (more…)

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Republican Candidate is Convinced his Opponent is DEAD and Using a Body Double!

Republican Candidate is Convinced


And to think people think politics are boring(more…)

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Bruce Willis’ daughter tweeted this recently. 

The American dream

Belgian woman drives 1500km away from Destination because of a GPS Error!



You can’t always trust those things, you know. (more…)

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4-Year-old Girl foils sitter’s plot to blame ‘home invasion’ and robbery on ‘black men’


Kids just say the darndest things. (more…)

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Angry Mom Tears off Sons Genitals and Tries to Put them BACK on with GLUE!


Everyone, by law, should be required to attend a parenting class to prevent stupid things like this from happening. (more…)

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New York lawmakers have officially banned ‘tiger selfies’!

tiger selfie

I had no idea that tiger selfies were a legitimate legal issue, that required lawmakers to act quickly.  (more…)

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Remember the Little Girl who was Kicked out of KFC because of her scars? It was a HOAX!


Who would do that? Who just goes on the Internet and lie?  (more…)

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Thieves Attempt Carjacking, but Can’t Get Away Because they Can’t Drive Stick Shift!


Can anyone drive stick shift? (more…)

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Are Unpaid Internships a Waste of Time? You’re Goddamn Right They Are

North Korea has Officially Comdemned Seth Rogen and James Franco


It’s a sad day for North Korea. (more…)

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12-year-old Boy Fakes His Own Kidnapping to Avoid Going to the Dentist!


I’m genuinely surprised a child hasn’t thought of doing this sooner. (more…)

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