Melbourne Surfer Bumps Into Thief While Reporting Theft To Police

Armpit Hair Fire Causes Car Crash that Injures Three Teens

Family of Man Who Died Donating Sperm Wins $30,990 in Compensation Battle

Pennsylvania Teenager Faces 2 Years in Prison After Simulation Oral Sex With Jesus Statue

Woman Sues Former Boyfriend For Causing Her to Fail a Class

Man Fakes Death to Avoid Upcoming Wedding

Man Fakes Death to Avoid Upcoming Wedding


As if faking his own death would be easier than just confronting his bride to be and telling her he didn’t want to get married. (more…)

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Woman Sets Car on Fire After Man Refuses to Buy McFlurry

Man Shot for Being Bad at Sex

Man Shot for Being Bad at Sex


58-Year-old Sadie Bell shot her boyfriend in the stomach after an altercation erupted regarding his sexual performance. According to Sadie, his performance was unsatisfactory.To add insult to injury, Sadie accused her boyfriend of cheating on her, because she claims he didn’t produce enough semen during orgasm.  (more…)

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The security checkpoint for Amazon’s warehouse is an open box 

Panda Fakes Pregnancy to Improve Quality of Life

Panda Fakes Pregnancy to Improve Quality of Life


They’ve been showing a lot of soap operas at the zoo lately. (more…)

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Arrested Man Orders 5 Pizzas to Police Station

Arrested Man Orders 5 Pizzas to Police Station


29-Year-old Michael Harp was arrested for shoplifting. While at the police station, he asked officers if he could make a call from his cell phone. Since he was arrested for a minor offense, officers let him make the call. (more…)

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Newest Online Craze called ‘Bubbling’ sees Teens Urinating in their own Mouth


And people say today’s youth are a bunch of idiots who just want to seem cool. 

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Family Accidentally Recycles VCR with $6,000 Stashed Inside!


Rookie mistake. (more…)

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Man who took ‘Poverty Vow’ wins $259.8M in Powerball Jackpot


For religious reasons, he promised to live the life of a poor man. What kind of deal is that?  (more…)

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Republican Candidate is Convinced his Opponent is DEAD and Using a Body Double!

Republican Candidate is Convinced


And to think people think politics are boring(more…)

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